Daisy and Her Panniers?

I ended up having two set ups with the north island being the first picture, way too much stuff and so heavy. When I got to Wellington I decided to have a reorganisation to get a lighter set up so the second picture is what that ended up being. Below I’ve listed what i had on that set up because I will use that again in the future.

Daisy North Island 


Lightweight Daisy – South Island 

BIKE – Or Daisy as she is better known.

Specialized AWOL – fitted with supernova front Hub and Supernova Front/Rear lights

Saddle – Brooks C17

Panniers – Front/ Rear – Sport Roller Classic / Sport Roller Classic 40L

Apidura Top Tube pack – Really useful for quick access – I’ve got my camera in mine and a little multitool.

Alpkit Possum Medium – I used this as my tool bag, simple access to everything you need.

Simple Bike Computer – Tell me distance and speed.

Two Water Bottle Holders

Lower Black Bottle is small tool kit – Learnt from Shaun, another cyclist I spent a week with when I started. Handy for punctures/simple fixes as it means I don’t have to remove everything from my pannier to reach my buried tool kit!


Tent – MSR Hubba Hubba NP

Alpkit Numo

Sleeping bag – RAB 3 season

Travel pillow – Folds up really small, I pack it with my roll mat (Small Luxury)

Cooker – Alpkit Brupot with a simple Gas Cooker


Board shorts – They get wet…then they dry, easy.

Padded Shorts – I wear these under my board shorts.

Base layer

Cycling top X 1


Waterproof Jacket

SPD Mountain bike shoes – My logic was once they are wet it doesn’t matter, swap to dry shoes in the evening.


1 x Shorts

2 x T Shirts

1 x Jumper

1 x Shoes (lightweight walking shoes)

1 x Lightweight Jacket (can be used on the bike if I really need it…so far I haven’t)

1 x Flip Flops


IPad mini (blog etc)



Go Pro (In some ways I’ve got too many ways of taking pictures but I don’t care…I enjoy taking pictures so don’t mind carrying them all)

Kindle (Could use IPad but the battery doesn’t last as long and means I can leave iPad buried in my bags when I can’t be bothered to dig it out.)


Food – This obviously varies but usually enough to cover me for a few days

Water – I’ve got two bottles on the bike. Also 1.5 Litre Plastic bottle I strap next to my tent.


Basic First aid kit

Tool kit – Puncture Kit/ Inner Tubes/ Duck Tape/ Cable Ties/ Multitool with Knife/ Inner tube patch kit