New Zealand via Hong Kong

I’m back in Wellington after a really cool trip back via Hong Kong. My dad lives there so it was the perfect way to break up the journey back to New Zealand. It was really nice to check Hong Kong out again as it’s been a few years since I was last there and as with any big city it changes so quickly it was interesting to see what’s new and what’s changed. I arrived on the Friday evening and was due to leave Tuesday evening so I had nearly 4 days to explore and hang out in Hong Kong. Brilliant!


Classic Hong Kong 

My first day there I managed to persuade dad to go bouldering which was a fun experience, well I enjoyed it, I’m not sure dad was in his element but he still had a good go. The routes were pretty tricky, apparently in preparation for a competition but it was still cool to check the place out. That afternoon we went for a walk to Stanley over a couple of classic hills called violet and the twins. It was great to check them out again as I used to walk/run them when I used to live here. It wasn’t the longest walk ever but there was a good number of steps and the views were lovely.


View down to Stanley 

Sunday ended up being quite a relaxed one thanks to a few too many beers the night before but on the Monday me and dad decided to do a walk/run up Lantau and over Sunset peak starting at Tung Chung and finishing at Mui Wo. Lantau is the second highest hill in Hong Kong and sunset isn’t much lower so it was a good route with plenty of climbing. We got the train to the start and set off running up Lantau which was a good climb and towards the top got quite steep but the views at the top were lovely so certainly worth it. We then ran down to the bottom of Sunset and worked our way over the top to Mui Wo.  In the end we did about 16km with 1300m of climbing so it was a good leg workout before getting back on the bike.


Top of Lantau looking across to Sunset Peak  

My final day in Hong Kong was pretty relaxed, we went to explore the peak as I hadn’t been up there in a long time. It was a clear day so the view from the top was stunning. We had a bit of food and then got the train back down which I haven’t done for a very long time so it was cool to check that out again, it’s steeper than I remember. In the afternoon before I travelled back to the airport we went to a place called PMQ which is the old police marriage quarters which has been converted into lots of little shops. It was a really interesting place with lots of shops with things I never knew I wanted! Really worth checking out if your in Hong Kong.



That evening I went back to the airport and continued my trip out to New Zealand, my flight was via Sydney which seemed easy enough. The first flight was event free and my transfer was going ok until I glanced up at the information board to see my flight from Sydney to Auckland was on final call! Shit! A slightly mad dash through Sydney airport later I made it to the gate in time. It turned out I wasn’t the last person to arrive so it was all good in the end but I did for a short time think I was going to spending more time than I expected in Sydney. Unsurprisingly I guess, when I got to Auckland I was told my bag hadn’t made the transfer which was a shame but not the end of the world. As I was only in Auckland for one evening and leaving early the next morning I asked them to send it straight to Wellington which they did so it was all sorted pretty quickly. After a short night in Auckland I was up early to get my bus down to Wellington. Up at the same time was another English guy who was also called Tom (It was someone else honest, I wasn’t just talking to myself) so we got the bus into town together and went for some breakfast before we both dissappeared off to get our next buses. Mine would be a lovely 12 hour trip back down the north island to Pat and Doro’s in Wellington where I’d meet up with Daisy who had been chilling in their garage for the last few weeks.


Pat and Doro’s in Wellington 

I got back to Wellington all fine and have had a few days here helping out with a few jobs before setting off again on Wednesday. It was also my birthday at the weekend and everyone here was awesome, we went for a few beers and had a cool meal to celebrate which was great. The time before setting off again has also given me a chance to reorganise my things as having spent 2 and a half months around the north island I have a much better idea of what I do and don’t need to carry on the bike. As a result Daisy has been to weight watchers and now’s a lot lighter than she was. I’m curious to see what difference it makes when I set off. I’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t.


Daisy post Weight Watchers 

Like I said I’m all set to head off on Wednesday which I’m really looking forward to as its been quite a long gap off the bike and I’m excited to be off exploring again. I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on!


Me and Dad at the top of Lantau 


Sunset walking to Stanley 




Sunset Peak 


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