Bikes ready to go!

With a week to go before I leave the bikes finally all set to go. I’ve changed the saddle, mudguards are on and I’ve now got a magical little hub on the front wheel which is a little Dynamo. It’s brilliant…simple things I know but it’s really cool…there’s a front and rear light powered off it and a usb charger near the handlebars which means I can charge my phone or camera while I’m cycling. Epic!

So a little more about this magical little Dynamo. As I didn’t really know much about dynamos I spoke to Owen at Wildsides where I bought the bike to get a little more advice. He was brilliant and researched what would be the best option and how much everything was. In the end he came up with company called supernova who do the Dynamo, lights and the usb charger. They look really well made and from what I’ve read they seem like really good bits of kit…time will tell and using them every day will be a good test but I’m fairly confident!

As I’m a bit up against it with time and also I’ve never respoked a wheel I decided to ask Owen to fit the Dynamo, he also ran the wires around the bike and put the two lights on! He’s done a really neat job and I’m really pleased with it! Cheers mate!

Here’s the Dynamo hub which is in the middle of the front wheel. Where the wire connects is a little plug which you pull off which means you can remove the front wheel without any problems. Very neat!

This is the USB charger which is at the top of the front downtube. I asked Owen to turn it this way round because I’ve bought an apidura bag which I’m going to put my camera and what not in so they are easy to get to and all I need to do is run the wire into the bag…simples! I hope!

Here’s the front light and below is the rear one. The front one came with a mount but the rear didn’t so Owen made up a little bracket to mount it on. Most of the wires are run within the frame but to get to the two lights they’ve been run along the racks so should keep they out the way.

Now the bikes all ready to go I’m just ticking off other things on the list so hopefully by next Sunday I’ll be all set to go! Fingers crossed!


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