All getting very real!

It really is! A week or so ago I finished work so the next couple of weeks are doing final preparations and getting everything sorted before I go! If I’m completely honest it’s been a bit manic but slowly the list of things to do is getting smaller!

As I said in my last post I was looking into putting a dynamo on the bike so I can charge things while on the move, well that’s happening. The bike shop where I bought the bike, Wildsides in tunbridge wells, have been helping me loads! Owen, who is one of the guys in the workshop has been awesome and when it’s all done it should be a great set up. I’ll do a separate post about all that stuff involved when it’s back.

In other areas it’s been getting last minute bits of kit, finding a box to pack the bike in for the flight and other exciting things like that. Gripping I know!

So on that note I’m off to tick things off the mighty list! All very exciting!


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