Sorry about the lack of posts….

Indeed….sorry for the lack of them but I’ve not been on any interesting adventures so I’ve been getting things sorted at work and getting a few bits of kit before I go. Not the most exciting stuff to report on….but I do have a few kit updates! Sorry if the rest of this post is a little nerdy but its still a part of the trip I guess. While I’m taking a pretty relaxed approach to what kit I need, at the end of the day I’m heading to New Zealand not Timbuktu so if I really get stuck I can get things there, but I do want to get a few bits sorted before I go so I know whats what with them.

The first new kit purchase was a new saddle. As I’m going to be spending a lot of time there I thought I would get one that should be more comfortable and I believe a good choice is one made by Brooks. If you haven’t checked them out have a quick look, they make some amazing saddles and have been for years. I was very tempted with a leather one…the ones with springs look great but I think they are a little higher maintenance so I went for a C17 which is more rubber based which will hopefully provide a sofa like ride…I haven’t used it on anything very long yet but when I do I’ll give you all a bit of feedback…don’t worry I won’t go into too much detail!


As you can see in the picture above (sorry not a brilliant one I know) I’ve got the new saddle on. I’ve also finally fitted mudguards and placed at the front there is my new tent! Now this I was more excited about than I probable should admit! While lying in my old tent I noticed an hole which isn’t ideal and while its been epic it is a little cramped when your in it so I’d been looking for another one for a while. At the bike touring festival a lot of people recommended the MSR Hubba Hubba (what a name!) so after I got back I had a look into it. It seemed to tick all the boxes….light to carry (under 2kg), is free standing and is a good size to spend a day in which may happen if the weather really is crap. There’s two variants, the NX and HP with the HP being a bit more suited to 3 season camping so I figured that fitted my trip a bit better.

I didn’t get a picture of it up but I promise I will in time but I did go up to the peaks to go climbing a few weeks ago and got to test it out…the weather was crap so not a lot of climbing was done but it did give the tent a good test run and it preformed epically! Good in lots of rain and wind!

The last bit of nerdness I’ll leave you with is I’m looking into putting a dynamo on the front hub. There seems to be a few different options out there but I want one I can turn on and off so when a mahoosive hill appears or when I don’t need to charge anything I can choose to switch it off because while the resistance won’t be huge it is a waste of energy to be charging nothing. As its based around the hub I need to get the wheel respoked so I’m going to ask my local bike shop to do that for me, I’ll let you know what I end up with and when its on the bike.

Any more kit or adventures I’ll let you know but the big day of setting off is getting closer! Very exciting!



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