The Bicycle Touring Festival

Yeah I know…who knew there was such a festival. Well, fortunately for me there is and as I’m a bit new to this bicycle touring I thought it would be perfect way to find out a little more before I go away.


Campsite at Wadden hall

The weekend involved some camping, a few drinks and talking to lots of awesome people…funnily enough most of whom had been touring on bicycles (I know…shock horror). Throughout Saturday and Sunday there was loads of talks and demonstrations ranging from how to repair a puncture right through to what wild foods you can feast out on while on the road. There was a number of different venues so a number of talks were on at the same time so I couldn’t get to all of them but the ones I did get to were brilliant. I learnt lots and picked up a few useful tips along the way…I’m even more excited to go now!

If your thinking of going touring and want a bit more info check it out, everyone was really friendly and more than happy to help with any concerns or questions I had. I can’t recommend it enough. And if that wasn’t enough by itself I got one of these….


I know…jealous aren’t you!

Thank you to everyone I met, was awesome to meet you all and pick your brains! I hope I bump into you all again very soon!


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