Flights booked and new panniers.

Yep…I’ve booked my flight! Its both very exciting and a little scary. On the 18th of September I’ll be on my way to New Zealand and the beginning of my little adventure! I can’t wait! It also feels a bit more real all of a sudden which is great!

Other than getting my flight sorted the other little purchase I made was to buy my own panniers (after borrowing some on my last trip, thanks mum!). I had a look around and Ortlieb panniers seemed to get some good feedback so decided they should be more than up for the job! I went for a pair of rear back roller classics and a set of front sport roller classics.

I haven’t got round to putting all of them on the bike at the same time yet but I did use the front ones the other weekend for a camping trip and they worked really well!


Sorry I didn’t get many pictures on this trip but this sort of shows the front panniers on…I’ll get a better one soon! I thought it would really tricky steering but actually it was fine! Now all I need to do is put them all on…

I did get lucky with the camp spot though, had a awesome evening at Harrisons and managed to get a bit of climbing in as well! Brilliant!


Over and out for now but hopefully with my flight sorted planning will shoot into super organised…hmm we shall see but I have at least got a deadline. I’ll keep you posted!!


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