My first post!

Hello there, welcome along!

This weekend was very exciting, I picked up my new bike! A Specialized AWOL! I haven’t had a chance to really test it out yet but I’m planning a little trip on it next weekend to see what its like. As I’m not going away until September I’ve got a bit of time to test out different luggage and ways of loading everything on her and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Why did I pick this bike…well for me it ticked all the boxes. I think there was also a bit of heart in the decision, I think it looks great and even in the short ride I’ve had it felt really tough and hopefully it can deal with everything I throw at it. Before going for it I read countless blogs, reviews and what people thought about all the different touring bikes out there. There’s so many! I worked out a steel frame was important, a huge range of gears for when a mighty hill appears and of course comfort. The Awol has all this so hopefully it’ll be spot on….Ill let you know!

Sorry for the rubbish picture but ill get some better ones when I’m out and about on it!



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